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How long does it take to change your life?

The blink of an eye!

INSIGHT is a totally experiential training, where you will be given a 3 step training to show you the path back to your own inner wisdom and psychic knowing.  Rhys Thomas will share with you the latest meditation, healing and life purpose technology so when you walk out the door, you can apply your insight directly to living your dreams.

Don’t miss this one day event that Rhys has never offered before.  If you came to in the event in May, you learned many of the awakening techniques used in the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine.  Now at INSIGHT! our goal is to take you one step further in advancing your intuitive and psychic seeing skills.

When you can see your purpose
you will be energized and loving life.

Take Back Your Life and get a Game Plan On How to Use It!

Experience the enlightenment techniques used at the
Rhys Thomas Institute so you can connect
to your highest purpose and life’s calling!

Come join the journey deep into your soul, healing and being healed,
and connect with other passionate people who like you know that…
all spiritual journeys start with deep self-awakening.

You will be given the skills to become the conscious creator of your life.

Making lasting change in your life comes from 4 things:

1) Knowing your purpose

2) Changing your environment to support your purpose

3) Surrounding yourself with amazing people who support your purpose

4) Raising your energy and consciousness to a new level like you have never done before.

To make those changes just takes one powerful INSIGHT.

Listen to INSIGHT and learn your purpose

Experience the cutting edge work done at the Rhys Thomas Institute, meet the most amazing people and do healing and meditation work that will expand your energy and consciousness to a new level!

You will learn the holistic approach to career, family and your health that is the foundation of what is taught at the Rhys Thomas Institute.

Whether you are a professional or a brand new beginner, you will love the work we do!

Get ready to give yourself permission to live your highest potential!

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